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Charter Schools in Texas -What do YOU Think?

5 July 2007 at 6:03:09 PM

Ever since I started following the charter schools and school vouchers movements both here in Texas and around the country, I've wondered why there is so much push for accountability for the public school system, including teachers, but a lack of the same for taxpayer funded charter schools (and private schools with vouchers if Texans are ever idiotic enough to pass that system). On the one hand, you have C Student Bush pushing for NCLB based on the Sharpstown (near Houston) model which turned out to be fraudulent. (I think Bush wouldn't have passed public education himself had A. he not gone to a private school in his high school years and also

Again, from the TEA manual for 2006.

The state accountability system is required to rate all districts and campuses serving students in grades 1-12. Under the new AEA procedures, the first step in determining AEA ratings is to identify the universe of AECs and charters. The AEA universe consists of:

It appears to me that if an AEA school doesn't do TAKS tests, which any public school student must do, it could be *not rated*. Might a school opt NOT to do TAKS test just so that it could be not rated????? Anyone know? I mean, according to this, on the one hand, the measure for accountability in the state of Texas is using is the TAKS test but if a school doesn't do them, then what?

Heres' something bizarre

AECs Rated

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