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Why does Bush Keep Wanting to Put People of Questionable Character in Important Positions?

27 April 2005 at 5:16:33 PM

Or keep them there, for that matter?

For a man who professes to be a Christian, he has a habit of stocking his cabinet with ethics violators. We can list Rumsfeld and Sanchez (promoted torture techniques), Cheney (ties with unethical Halliburton adventures and refusal to shed light on the Energy policy meeting attendees), Gonzales (condoned torture), Rice (condoned torture and lied about the 911 information), Bernard Kerik (promoted for Homeland Security position, but rife with both professional and personal problems) and now Bolton (has spoken against the UN and has social problems that make him unfit for management).

Through all of this, Bush steadfastly, one might say, obstinately, puts these people forth, as if there could be no one else in the world more fit. If Bush were running the United States as a corporation, where the board of directors makes the decision after recommendations, would the board only interview one candidate for such important positions?

Lately, Bush, despite the serious allegations against Bolton, has been promoting him and urging Congress to put him into the UN ambassador position, when it's obvious Bolton should not be ambassador of anything. Why? Is Bush so blinded by his own hubris that he can't see the lack of quality of this candidate? Are his own standards so low that he shares them with Bolton? Or is he determined, come hell or high water, to get his own way no matter what, like a 2 year old would do?

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