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DMN Says Situation on Flooding is Dire in Parker County, TX (Also 114 in Irving CLOSED)

28 June 2007 at 11:18:08 AM

Just truly amazing.

Following the mandatory evacuation of hundreds of Parker County residents, county Judge Mark Riley said the Brazos River rose over a foot overnight, from 25 feet to 26.63 as of 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

County spokesman Joel Kertok said flood stage for the Brazos River near the town of Dennis is 25 feet, but the river is currently over 26 1/2 feet at that location.

With a flood warning in place through at least 6 p.m. tonight, forecasts from the National Weather Service Office have indicated that a crest of the Brazos of possibly over 28 feet could occur as early as Thursday night or sometime Friday. Such a crest would cause moderate flooding from the Dennis area down into the Horseshoe Bend area.

Judge Riley said several homes have sustained significant damage. The communities of Horseshoe Bend, Rio Brazos, Soda Springs, Hillbilly Haven RV Park and Lazy Bend Estates and Mountain River have been evacuated.

And imagine what it must be like to see 114 in Irving under water!

IRVING - State Highway 114 was closed Thursday morning after floodwaters covered all lanes of the roadway near Loop 12.

Officials of the Texas Department of Transportation of Development said that traffic was being diverted to service roads that were not flooded. The freeway closure was expected to result in huge traffic backups around Texas Stadium during the Thursday morning commute.

Motorists were urged to find alternate routes to avoid the anticipated traffic jam.

High water was reported covering at least 8 other major Dallas area roads Wednesday, but all had been reopened by Thursday morning, leaving only the SH 114 closure.

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