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Back from Hiatus and See an Interesting Comment About Charter Schools Here

21 June 2007 at 7:36:50 AM

First up, a quickie about how nice it was NOT to watch the news carefully-sometime I'd like to go away and then come back to find some earthshaking bit of news that would, say, have the Democrats IMPEACHING Bush for failing to uphold the constitution and breaking the law. Did go to see the Natchez Trace Parkway that runs between Louisianna and Tennessee and got some books on it. I may come back to some details from those books which shed light on the period in our history when taking goods to market subjected people to robbery and murder by unscrupulous people.

To the comment. Somervell Sally has commented on a couple of blog entries I have about the Erath Excels Charter School in Stephenville, Texas. Basically, the school has gotten unacceptable ratings two years in a row, but what was truly appalling in this last legislature session is that Sid Miller (Tx House Dist 59) tried to stop a bill that would bring more accountability to charter schools AND CLOSE THOSE THAT DO NOT PERFORM..... and his WIFE is on the board of the school, acting as president. Miller misrepresented that Texas owns the charter schools and his wife is only an employee; however, a person at TEA who I called to ask about this said that's not the case, that charter schools form a corporation, with their own boards and then apply to be charter schools. Somervell Sally suggests, first, that Erath Excels may not be board run, and second, that there may be some interesting coincidences afoot. I hope that Somervell Sally will elaborate a bit; meanwhile I am mulling this over.

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