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Pecan Plantation (Granbury, Hood Co, TX) Protest the Quicksilver Gas Processing Plant

13 June 2007 at 11:57:03 PM

Which one is that? The one where Joshua Petrie died in an explosion a week or so ago. From Glen Rose, you go down 67 east, turn down 199, at the T take a right and go to the end of the road, crossing over from Somervell into Hood County. (Video of the plant, etc here.) Seems that the people who live in gated community Pecan Plantation don't much like that there's a huge gas processing plant, and, for the second time, held a protest about it, this time in downtown Fort Worth.

As with many drilling rigs around the Barnett Shale, noise is among residents' chief complaints.

The processing plant has nine compression units, which strip liquids from the gas before it is shipped out in a pipeline. Eventually, there will be 11 units, Buterbaugh said.

The rumbling of the compressors drives some residents indoors during the mornings and evenings. The noise "tremendously affects" residents who live near the river, said Gary Guffey, president of the Pecan Plantation Homeowners Association.

"It sounds like a freight train," resident Reece Johnson said.

Newton said about 60 residents turned out for a previous protest in Pecan Plantation. He said Wednesday's demonstration was held in downtown Fort Worth instead of at Quicksilver's offices on Rosedale Street because residents thought it would get more attention.

Protesters walked up Main Street with signs, one reading "One death is enough."

On May 25, a 27-year-old Quicksilver worker was killed by an explosion, which fire officials say occurred when two employees lit a hot oil heater. Newton said the incident raised fears that a larger explosion could endanger the entire area.

"It would be a catastrophe," he said. "How do we know that place is safe? What's the plan if something serious happens?"

Pictures from the FW Star-Telegram. - VIDEO from S-T. "No More Quicksilver in Our Back Yard"

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