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Disturbing- on "Muslims Want to Kill Us"

5 February 2007 at 2:04:15 AM

For the third time in as many weeks, I have heard arguments about why Muslims, as a religion, want to kill Americans (perhaps most particularly, Christians). The argument goes something like this "The Muslims all follow the Koran word for word and in that book, it tells them to kill the infidels. Therefore, we don't want to have them build mosques in our neighborhood, because they're all planning to rise up and kill us when there are enough of them to do it. You can't trust them. They want to kill us. And if we don't settle the score in Iraq, since they hate us and the Koran tells them to do it, they're going to come over to this country.. and kill us".

The first time I heard this was in an email of the spam-politico variety I sometimes get from right-wingers, in that case about Barach Obama. That was pretty mild compared to the email I got about a week later that continued the theme of "Muslims want to kill Americans". The topper, though, was a conversation with a relative in which she brought up the theme and discoursed on it for about half an hour. The person objected to muslims praying five times a day, for example, because it disrupted work, and was evidence of brainwashing. I found it kind of hard to imagine the type of fear that would discount an entire group of people based on their religion AND lump them all into the same idealogy.

Let's consider. If we were to believe that "All Muslims Want To Kill Us Because the Koran Tells Them To", then we'd have to see every single muslim as someone somehow subhuman or not wanting the same things as

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