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Texas About to Sell Land Leases to Develop GeoThermal Energy

14 January 2007 at 8:56:06 AM

My first question about this is, if they are going to use water to develop the energy, where is that water going to come from? Will it be the same problematic situation where gas and oil companies are depleting the water tables?

Tracts totaling 11,000 acres in state-owned coastal waters in the Gulf of Mexico will be up for lease on Tuesday as part of an annual winter oil and gas lease sale, the Texas General Land Office said in a news release.

The areas to be bid on are known to have hot geologic strata below the surface, the agency said.

The state hopes the land can be drilled and water circulated through the geothermal layer and turned into steam to help generate electricity.

"We're finally making the Texas heat pay off," Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson said in the release, referring to the state's hot weather.

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