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Greg Abbott's Millions- Texas Needs an ETHICAL Attorney General, David Van Os

12 October 2006 at 2:11:03 PM

From Bill Gordon (who is a Republican, FYI), who passed on this link from Texans for Public Justice, about just WHO contributes to the AG campaign.

The "Texan's for Public Justice" report below is Interesting but not surprising!

I personally am tired of Greg Abbot's typical "It's not my job" response to several issues I have brought to his attention in the past few months concerning property rights related to oil and gas issues, property tax, and other issues - like the Senior and Disabled citizens of Texas that were not included in Governor Perry's property tax reduction plan and how the citizens of Hico, TX, did not know they were getting a "commercial" oil and gas waste disposal well at the edge of town until the drilling rig went up.

I have met and talked to David Van Os on two occasions about issues facing the citizens of Texas and I firmly believe that he will represent the people if he is elected Attorney General in November.

I still have hope that the Texas voters will decide who will be our next Attorney General - not MONEY!

I have also had the opportunity to work with Dale Henry, statewide candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner. Dale and his wife Ruth reside in Lampasas, TX. I have discussed many issues with him concerning oil and gas, property rights, and groundwater issues with Dale in the past few months. I am convinced that Dale will represent the people of Texas if he is elected Texas Railroad Commissioner in November.

I'm a Republican and I'm voting for David Van Os for Attorney General, Dale Henry for Railroad Commissioner, and Ernie Casbeer for State Representative, District 59. I will not be voting for Rick Perry (again) for Governor but I am considering Kinky Friedman.

I highly recommend these candidates for those who want to see changes in Austin.

And now for the link from Texans for Public Justice-

Researchers identified the interests behind more than $8 million of Abbott

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