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Immigration, The Secure Fence Act, Bush the Liar and Chet Edwards

9 October 2006 at 6:31:42 PM

Remember when John Cornyn was chuckling about this the other day and how the border fence was just *symbolic*? Well, he wasn't kidding. The signing ceremony Bush held last week was actually for some Homeland Security Appropriations... and not for the fence.... and he hasn't apparently even TRIED to sign THAT yet. I do believe there are some right-wingers who are angry about Bush STICKING HIS FINGER IN THEIR EYES (and while you're mad, folks, don't forget to put a pic of Cornyn on your dart board!)

In related news, I got a copy of the newest Chet Edwards glossy in the mail. Still no mention that he is a Democrat but again says he's *Independent*. The Title of this one is "when it comes to border security and illegal immigration, do we need action or more talk?"-he of course is speaking to his Republican base, who are the ones for whom illegal immigration is a top issue. (Unless I missed something, this is the second piece of campaign lit I've gotten, the first was on the War on Terror.) In the lit, he's for more border agents (points out that Van Taylor, for some reason, wants to cut the number), no amnesty for illegal immigrants, is FOR building the wall (won't he be disappointed when he finds out Bush is playing a joke), and against illegal employment. He also, although he doesn't mention the NAME of this, is FOR the Real ID act. One more thing he touts.. the money he's appropriated for L3 for spy planes, L3 being his largest campaign contributor.

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