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Are the Torture Weapons Used on the Terrorists the Same Ones Used on Guinea Pig US Citizens?

21 September 2006 at 6:31:48 AM

I wrote about this last week, where an Air Force secretary said that microwave devices should be *tested* on US citizens before turning them on people of other countries. Why? Because it might hurt world opinion-so much better to fry guinea pigs HERE. You might remember that, during the RNC, there were plans to use LRAD, a sonic device that would split eardrums, against protesters.

This article shows there are more in the works, including

Pulsed Energy Projectiles, which inflicts excrutiating pain from about 2 km away and is meant to be used on rioters-has pain researchers up in arms that their research is being turned to these ends.

New Scientist contacted two researchers working on the project. Martin Richardson, a laser expert at the University of Central Florida, US, refused to comment. Brian Cooper, an expert in dental pain at the University of Florida, distanced himself from the work, saying "I don't have anything interesting to convey. I was just providing some background for the group." His name appears on a public list of the university's research projects next to the $500,000-plus grant.

John Wood of University College London, UK, an expert in how the brain perceives pain, says the researchers involved in the project should face censure. "It could be used for torture," he says, "the [researchers] must be aware of this."

Here's some more-

Anti-personnel non lethal directed energy weapons include lasers, high power electro-magnetic pulse and directional acoustic weapons. One of the systems currently in use is the SaberShot laser dazzler

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