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Glen Rose Medical Center Dec 5 2019

Apparent TOMA Violation by Margaret Drake and Steven Vaseck at Somervell County Hospital District Meeting

20 December 2019 at 9:16:42 AM

TOMA is Texas Open Meetings Act, which all elected officials must go through training for.

Dec 5, 2019

Ambulance service NOT on the agenda. Why didn't Ron Hankins stop the Margaret Drake and Dr Vacek's conversation? Haven't all 3 of these people taken training and gotten certificates in TOMA and Texas Public Information Act? Why does this matter? Because the public has a right to know what will be discussed, if not something in closed session, so they can decide whether to attend and now, with the changes at the Texas Legislature about comments, could comment on an agenda item.  Maybe thre is a citizen who would  like to hear or discuss ambulance service as a comment  but s/he would not know about this little side conversation. Shame on Ron Hankins. 

Adding this other one where Brett Nabors and Steven Vasek are all talking together in the quurom outside of the start of the meeting while being recorded and Ron Hankins again does not stop them.

At the December 5, 2019 meeting, Ron Hankins, who is supposed to be running the Somervell County Hospital District board, allowed two different violations to happen without stepping in.  Notice here that Somervell County Hospital District went into executie session and then came out, and, as a quorum, sat and talked about some things about Children's hospital and salaries before Ron Hankins called the next item on the agenda. What they were talking about was not on the agenda. Usually what happens is when people go into executive session, and come out, THEN they start the audio or video at the point where they are starting the meeting again. Hankins made a half hearted comment about the video being on, but didn't exercise his authority to start the meeting  instead of people talking about other hospitals, which was NOT on the agenda.

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