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Blue Cross Blue Shield has not paid claims for this

Latest on Glen Rose Medical Center Lab Outsourcing from Dec 5 2019 Somervell County Hospital District Meeting

20 December 2019 at 9:01:31 AM

Background: Glen Rose Medical Center started, through a management company, a lab outsourcing business. Blue Cross/Blue Shield questioned the charges coming back to them to pay. GRMC stopped doing lab outsourcing. In September, they brought in a lawyer to work on a contingency basis to see if they could get Prompt Pay. In order to do that, GRMC has to go look through all these lab outsourcing claims to see if they have Blue Cross numbers.  This is a pre-requisite for the attorney to possibly do anything.  GRMC needs permission from the Texas Attorney General's office to do use this attorney. Appears to be this part of Texas Government code regarding contingency fee contracts.  And more on the bill that passed the Texas Lege. 

Now, here's from the Dec 5 2019 meeting

Rough Transcript:

Reynolds: Lab outsourcing, there's really nothing to add there. We include that with the Blue Cross issue. We're working diligently, the business office is working diligently to get the spreadsheet prepared for the information that the attorney wants to review prior to any action being taken. In terms of the contract with the Attorney General, sent to the Attorney General, the attorney general sent back a list of questions that need to be answered for their consideration. Kevin Reed coordinated that and those quesitons were answered and returned to the Attorney General so that process is moving forward. We have a final date of February 6 so that process is moving forward. The main thing is that our staff is working to get the detailed information the attorney requested, both from us and from the people... get that spreadsheet completed, it's moving forward.  

Hankins: Feb 6, that the 90 day? 


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