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Somervell County Hospital District CFO Report from Dec 5 2019 and I-35 Clinic Info

19 December 2019 at 8:42:48 AM

Rough Transcript -watch the video for the full discussion. 
CFO: Hospital side Revenues 2 million 8 thousand nine hundred and sixty nine  and with expense of 2 million one hundred and fifty five thousand nine hundred and eighty two. I will say, definitely high there but our I-35 departments that were closed at the end of October, we still had to pay some of those fees in October and November. Still see some expense there. .. Lett hospital with net income of $154,554.00. 
Bruce: What is the other income?
CFO The bulk of that is property tax. Yeah. So it's not that we actually collect $300,00 but we approved for it, because we know what wer'e going to get. Some of it is rent, we have the nursing home, .,.. bulk of that is the property tax. On the clinic side $353,527 in net revenue. Expenses of $542,562. That does look high but doctors got paid their (??) bonuses, we paid that out which was a very good thing. I think all of them made their numbers. .. Vaccines... other income Clinic net loss of $188, 336. 
Outpatient revenue -Board Packet 
Cleburne Radiology had a big month

.. Of all that money that's due to us, if you go to  the pie chart, below, you can see Blue Cross makes up 37 percent of that, commercial insurance 30%, this is just the hospital, so it would include the I-35 accounts but does not include lab outsource, On Lab outsource, you can see over 180 days, $55 million and four hundred and seventy eight dolalrs and 79 percent of that is Blue Cross. .. 

Drake: Can we provide that to our attorney? 

CFO: they have our aging, but I can send them our pie charts. Clinics start out at $107, 216

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