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Catching up with what happened re: Possible Sale of Oakdale Park in Glen Rose

4 December 2019 at 7:29:57 PM

Oakdale used to be a private park.  Here's a video I made of the last owners being interviewed, Wimp and Pete Mays.

At some point in the past, the City of Glen Rose wanted to establish a 4b tax and use purchasing Oakdale Park as their first project. The election initiative failed. City of Glen Rose tried again but this time they put a Riverwalk on as project and the 4b tax passed. (Here are some pictures I took of the propsed Riverwalk in April 2007)  Later on, the City of Glen Rose decided to purchase Oakdale Park. Atter purchase, here's a post I did of a walkthrough by Glen Rose Town Council on January 2, 2009.  I have quite a few posts on Oakdale, here is the search.  At various points, it was discussed at Town Council that Oakdale was not making money.  For example, former City of Glen Rose Town Council member Sandra Ramsay talked about whether municipalities should be charge of businesses and said no. 

In April of 2019, someone expressed interested in buying Oakdale Park (audio).  "Discussion, consideration and possible action on PIPER Commercial Real Estate's interest in purchasing Oakdale Park

On May 28, 2019 City Council had this on the agenda(audio) "Discussion, consideration and possible actioni on publication of an article concerning the possible sale of Oakdale Park"

Because Oakdale is a muncipal park, has to go on the ballet for voters to decide about possible sale. 

On 6/10/2019 there were two relevant items.  audio One was "Discussion, consideration and possible action on cancelling the concerts and movies in the park program. and second was an executive session item about deliberating about Real Property-Oakdale Park, after which there was discussion and possible action. 

June 19, 2019- Austin American Statesman  (see May 28 2019 discussion of the article) 

In 2007, the city took the first step toward purchasing Oakdale when voters created the Glen Rose Economic Development Corporation by approving a ½ percent EDC sales tax. Counting on EDC revenue, the city issued about $3 million in bonds for purchasing the park and some undeveloped property adjacent to the park, renovating the park, and constructing the riverwalk.

The debt won’t be paid off until 2034. The annual payments of about $206,000 consume the majority of the EDC revenues.

In recent years the city has been using money from the General Fund, or sales and property tax dollars, to make improvements to the park. The city has also been subsidizing the cost of operating the park, because the revenue it brings in hasn’t been enough to cover costs. With debt and subsidies, last year taxpayers paid about a quarter of a million dollars to keep Oakdale going. That’s an improvement, because the year before they paid almost a half a million dollars to do so.

On 7/9/2019  audio "Town Hall Meeting for Discussion Regarding Potential Sale of Oakdale Park" 

On July 22, 2019  audio "B. Discussion, consideration and possible action on what to do with Oakdale Park, wehther to continue owning and operating it, lease it, contract with someone to manage it or sell it. C. Discussion, consideration and possible action on adopting a resolution calling for a special election for the purpose of submitting a proposition for adoption or rejection on the Sale of Oakdale Park. and F. Discussion concerning Utility Fund and Oakdale Park budgets and review of General Fund and Convention and Visitors Bureau Budgets 

8/20/2019- Discussion concerning utility fund and oakdale park budgets and review of General Fund and Convention and Visitors Bureau Budgets

10/14/2019-  Discussion, consideration and possible action on adopting a new Oakdale Park Rate and Fee Schedule. 

Nov 6, 2019- Glen Rose Reporter 

By a margin of 94-28 in Tuesday’s election, Glen Rose residents voted to allow the sale of Oakdale Park.

11/11/2019- Canvas Returns

11/19/2019- Oakdale Park Financial Report

It doesn't appear that a current offer to sell Oakdale Park has come up on the agenda. The election allowed the City to potentially sell it. 

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