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Hood County Residents pay ZERO TAX for their district

Part of your RAISED Somervell County Hospital District taxes going for Pecan Clinic in Hood County

3 December 2019 at 12:00:02 PM

Guess what! I'm going to continue to beat this drum forever because I believe it is not only flat wrong but illegal to spend Somervell County Hospital District taxpayer money for the benefit of people who live in a hospital district, Hood County's, where they pay ZERO HOSPITAL DISTRICT TAX. Further, people in Pecan Plantation live in a gated community and you can't just up and go in there. IF Somervell County Hospital District wanted to operate a clinic outside the bounds of the DISTRICT BOUNDARIES for Somervell County, at the very least they would need some type of intergovernmental agreement to do it. Also, any clinic ought to be open to the public and presumably there for the good of people who live HERE. 

Here's what I know. 

Hood County Hospital District taxpayers pay zero tax for their district because they have an agreement with Lake Granbury Medical Center which operates a clinic for the needy.  

Somervell County Hospital District taxpayers pay tax money for Pecan Plantation Medical Clinic which is NOT FOR THEM. Here's Ray Reynolds on that. 

The reason given in this meeting, video below, that they want to spend almost 40k on remodeling the clinic AGAIN is for the benefit of s specialty doctor who is going to office there after the first of the year. In other words, it is for PECAN RESIDENTS, not for you

Your taxes were just raised by the Somervell County Hospital District board again. Do you actually LIKE IT that part of that tax increase goes for people in a golf community where you can't enter without either having an appointment or knowing someone there, and where most people probably have no clue that Somervell County residents are paying taxes for them to have a convenient clinic? 

As a side note, the clnikcs that Somervell County Hospital District spent a bunch of money on that opened all over the metroplex were BLATANTLY illegal, lost money and they finally cancelled all those contracts at a recent meeting, except for still operating a radiology clinic in Cleburne. I contend that one is also illegal. If Glen Rose Medical Center wants to be a private for profit hospital, then let them quit taking taxpayer money especially under the auspices of being a hospital district that is supposed to have defined boundaries 

Here are the Somervell County Hospital District (Glen Rose Medical Center) board members


Ron Hankins – Board President

Brett Nabors – Board Vice-President

Pat Bruce – Board Member

Margaret Drake  – Board Member

Dwayne Griffin  – Board Member

Pam Parsons – Board Member

Steven Vacek M.D. – Board Member

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