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Ron Hankins wrote the 'Petition for Removal' filed by Darrell Best

Ron Hankins was behind 'Petition for Removal' filed by Darrell Best in State of Texas ex rel. Best v. Harper

28 November 2019 at 3:27:37 PM

Where did the frivolous lawsuit that George Darrell Best filed in the 249th District Court on August 27, 2014 originate?

My attorneys asked this question in a deposition of George Darrell Best in 2019 and he claimed that he went to an attorney, referred to him by Ron Hankins, to pursue the issue. He provided an email dated 8/27/2014 showing that attorney's office sent him the 'Petition for Removal (Revised)'. 

When we asked Ron Hankins about it he initally claimed the same thing, about referring Darrell Best to another attorney. Keep in mind that Ron Hankins is the former County Attorney that is an officer of the court. 

Then we show them both an email showing that Ron Hankins sent Darrell Best a 'Petition for Removal' dated 08/25/2014, two days before Darrell Best attorney did, and Ron even claims to be author in the email:

"Attached is the Petition which I have worked up."

The 'Petition for Removal with the District Court', filed 8/27/2014 at 3:35pm (County Clerk stamp) is BEFORE the email from the attorney with the 'revised' version, which was at 4:25pm (Email timestamp). The 'Petition for Removal' from Ron Hankins was the only one Darrell Best had in his possession when it was filed in court so that had to be the one he used.

Here's the video depositions where we let them tell us their story first and then we show them the email:


George Darrell Best 


Ron Hankins



So why didn't either of them testify to this fact until after confronted with it? 

Does it look like they were trying to hide the fact that Ron Hankins was behind the lawsuit that Darrell Best had filed?

Does it look like Ron Hankins is being a good officer of the court?

Do you think former County Attorney Ron Hankins would have spent the time to write this up if he didn't know that current County Attorney Andrew Lucas was going to pursue it?

Former County Attorney Ron Hankins wrote it, gave it to Darrell Best.
Darrell Best walked it over to current County Attorney Andrew Lucas.
County Attorney Andrew Lucas CHOSE to pursue the case using Somervell County tax dollars and putting Somervell County on the hook for the judgment against the State in the process.


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