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Are some so-called christian religions actually a cult? Weird bowing down to Trump

25 November 2019 at 1:30:30 PM

Back in 2008, I got, in the postal mail, a brochure from Stonewater Church that highlighted the military. Wrote about it then and got comments from someone named "Tony" that I suppose is affiliated with that church. My impression since then is that it is somewhat of a cult church that has a lot of programs to keep their parishioners involved but I haven't paid much attention.Due to some really bizarre comments from one of the pastors of Stonewater, I thought I'd look up just what it is they believe, since my impression has been that they are a political church that leans heavily into right wing conspiracy theories, including from David Barton. Sounds very much like christian dominionism.

Apparently the basic teaching of Stonewater is based on something called the 7 Mountains philosophy.

The NAR and proponents of the seven mountain mandate have abandoned biblical teaching on the end times, choosing to believe that Christians must set the stage for Jesus’ second coming by achieving dominion over the world’s systems. According to 7-M theology, Jesus will only return to a world that mirrors the kingdom of God. This idea parallels the New Age teaching that anticipates a cosmic spiritual shift when man becomes a co-redeemer of Planet Earth.

Christians are called to be lights in the world (Matthew 5:14). There is no biblical requirement, however, to take the helm of all the world systems in order to usher in Christ’s kingdom. The Bible says that the world will grow worse, not better, in the last days (2 Timothy 3:1132 Peter 3:3).

The theology associated with the seven mountain mandate is dangerous, and it sheds a terribly negative light on Christians everywhere. The 7-M teaching puts a tremendous burden on believers to perform, make progress in their relative spheres of influence, and set the stage for Jesus’ return to earth—all without a definite end point. Little emphasis is placed on the gospel message of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ; the movement is more about staking claims and taking control. The seven mountain mandate is a movement led by 0 prophets, and it should be avoided and exposed whenever Bible-believing Christians encounter it.

They are apparently pushing the 0 "Christian Nation" idea, and include being heavily involved in politics. The pastor I saw said some remarkably hateful things about others that didn't happen to share his political views. Does this church teach to hate people on the basis of their politics???? Apparently so.  

Overall, I suppose any large social gathering can get converts of people who want to associate in that fashion, even if what they believe is odious. And even if it appears that they are elevating a man as president who, by any decent standards, would be shunned by ethical people. But there's a sucker born every minute and a grifter waiting to take advantage of them.  I saw another piece of video from a sermon called "On Mission" in which Stonewater Church endorsed a particular candidate, Mike Lang,  for office, which is actually against the law (see the Johnson Amendment)

I've wondered, do these people not care about the fact that Trump lies constantly and is easily caught in his lies? ( I remember in my Bible reading that in Revelation it says all the liars will be thrown into a lake of fire)  Do they not care about other aspects of his character, including using his office to make money in violation of the constitutional emoluments clause? Do they not care about all the money he costs taxpayers by playing golf so often, almost every time at one of his properties? Do they not care about his trying to bribe a foreign country into digging up dirt on political opponents instead of working for the public good? Is it fine that his personal life is so odious, that he cheated on his (3rd wife, course he cheated on his first one too) wife with others while that wife had a baby? Or the disconnect between his current wife's Be Best Anti-Bullying campaign and the obnoxious bully actions of her husband on an slmost daily basis. Do they agree with separting children from their families and not even keeping track of where those children went? Imagine if the Jesus baby story was like that. Trump encourages people to break the law by flouting subpoenas which any average citizen would have to obey, has utter disrespect for Congress as the second of 3 co-equal branches and has sued every attempt to get him to supply oversight documents or refused to comply with directives, not only for himself but his staff; makes it look like he is hiding damaging information. He has been sued for child rape, is currently being sued for defamation in Summer Zervos case, had a judgement against him a year or so ago for his corrupt Trump University shenanigans, had an action brought against him for corrupt actions taken by what was then a piggybank charity. And finally, clearly this cult has no interest in provisions of the constitution that allow impeachment of corrupt presidents-is that actually taught to children, to not take seriously the constitution of the United States? How do these children understand civics, then? 

Would YOU teach your children to bribe, bully, sexually assault, etc others?If you do, you call yourselves ethical? If this church is part of a plan to take over the United States with this type of religious idealogy, I can only hope they don't succeed, and leave the rest of us who are happy with a constitutional government and are attempting to be ethical alone.

P.S. Here's a great article on whether american evangelicals would even be able to recognize the Antichrist. I notice one of the points this author is making is that the Antichrist will come from amonth 7 tall hills.  I actually don't believe in the Antichrist except as a biblical myth but the article sure does make you wonder what the heck evangelicals are thinking .. or DOING. 

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