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Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Calls Trump a Total Joke (Keene, Texas)

22 October 2019 at 10:43:46 AM

Remember last week when Trump helicoptered over to Keene Texas for the grand opening of the Louis Vuitton company? You know, the one that Johnson County Commissioners gave a ten year- 75 percent tax abatement to?  Seems that the artistic director, sho is gay, doesn't think much of Trump

A top Louis Vuitton designer called President Trump "a total joke" and accused him of homophobia after the president toured a new Louis Vuitton facility in Texas. Before his rally in Dallas Thursday, Mr. Trump attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new workshop in Alvarado, Texas, where the luxury brand will manufacture leather goods like handbags. The president praised the company for brining nearly 500 new jobs to the area, but one Louis Vuitton designer was not happy about the president's endorsement.

Nicolas Ghesquière, the artistic director for Louis Vuitton's women's collections, posted his opinion on Instagram Sunday, writing: "Standing against any political action. I am a fashion designer refusing this association." Ghesquière also included two hashtags: #trumpisajoke and #homophobia.

Of course Trump is. 

P.S. Wondering why the article says the Vuitton factory is in Alvarado? I'ts in KEENE, the speed trap capital of these parts. 


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