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While Somervell County residents pay taxes for Pecan Family Medical Center clinic

2019 Reminder that Hood County Hospital District residents pay ZERO tax

28 August 2019 at 1:38:50 PM

This has been the case in the past,  because Lake Granbury Medical Center, a for-profit hospital made a deal with the Hood County Hospital District whereby residents (property owners) would pay no tax in exchange for LGMC operating a public clinic for the needy. 

I thought I would see if that is still the case and spoke with Peggy of the Hood County Appraisal District just now and in fact, yes, there is NO TAX for Hood County residents for the Hospital District. 

What that means is, since Somervell County Hospital District residents DO pay tax, and we spend money in Pecan Plantation, a private gated community with a non-public clinic, we are the ones subsidizing health care for wealthy residents who pay no tax in their own hospital district. 

As a side note, because this has worked so well for Somervell County Hospital District to operate in another hospital district without repercussions, the board has voted to open SIXTEEN MORE CLINICS at some great expense in numerous locations all over the metroplex, including Allen (which seems to be the farthest away). One would guess that GRMC wants to have their cake and eat it too, ie, tax residents and then use that money to provide clinic help to people who don't live anywhere near us, in the name of milking them for money. Seems like not only is this illegal, because in at least 3 cases, the clinics are operating in defined hospital districts, but why is a public hospital operating for profit clinics while collecting tax money? Should the IRS look into this? I think so. Update: Although Somervell County Hospital District continues to operate for profit clinics outside our district, they have cancelled the contracts on most them, mainly due to the fact that Blue Cross Blue Shield will not pay bills for any clinics more than 35 miles away. 

P.S. The agenda for the Somervell County Hospital District meeting for August 29, 2019 includes an item to spend money on remodeling the Pecan clinic, in case you think we don't spend money on that. 




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