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Great article on financial transparency for non-taxpaying clergy or religious volunteers

27 August 2019 at 2:08:49 PM

Clergy Shouldn’t Be Able to Steal Funds for Grindr or Dolls (Rewire) 

We could debate whether immoral people seek out positions in the clergy or whether clerical life corrupts people, but that debate misses the point. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity, and churches are ripe, unguarded fruit. And that is the central problem: Churches are not required to report any financial information to anyone.

Financial transparency is critical to preventing fraud and abuse. That’s why nonprofits file financial information with the IRS every year. Charities file an annual Form-990 that tracks every dime that flows through the organization. The smaller the non-profit, the less burdensome the disclosure requirements. Most larger charities go through an audit just to submit the form. Any fraud or theft would be quickly discovered and rooted out. Without this transparency, churches will continue to face fraud and abuse in the name of Grindr and dolls. 

Remember this from Somervell County? 



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