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Trump-The-Lawless O Day -5/23/2019

23 May 2019 at 10:19:00 AM

Podcast -Trump and Deutsche Bank - really interesting audio account of the money Trump got from Deutsche Bank


Anti-money laundering specialists at Deutsche Bank recommended in 2016 and 2017 that multiple transactions involving legal entities controlled by Donald J. Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, be reported to a federal financial-crimes watchdog.

The transactions, some of which involved Mr. Trump’s now-defunct foundation, set off alerts in a computer system designed to detect illicit activity, according to five current and former bank employees. Compliance staff members who then reviewed the transactions prepared so-called suspicious activity reports that they believed should be sent to a unit of the Treasury Department that polices financial crimes.

But executives at Deutsche Bank, which has lent billions of dollars to the Trump and Kushner companies, rejected their employees’ advice. The reports were never filed with the government.

The nature of the transactions was not clear. At least some of them involved money flowing back and forth with overseas entities or individuals, which bank employees considered suspicious.

A Chicago banker who loaned millions of dollars to Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was charged by prosecutors with bribery for seeking a post in the Trump administration in return for $16 million in loans.

Stephen Calk was appointed to a post as economic adviser to Donald Trump’s campaign in summer 2016, days after his bank approved a $9.5 million loan, federal prosecutors in New York said. Months later, after Trump was elected president, Calk was recommended for a position in the Trump administration while loans worth more than $6 million were awaiting approval at Calk’s bank, they said.

Calk presented a list of positions he wanted, ranking them from secretary of the Treasury on down to 19 ambassador posts beginning with the U.K. and France, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday.

More Welfare to Farmers for a problem that TRUMP CREATED.  Let's see. Would farmer rather be adults with pride and their own farms and ranches or be serfs of the state dependent on welfare while China and Russia steal their markets? 

Trump rolls out $16 billion in farm aid amid Democratic outrage over $64M meat bailout to ‘corrupt’ Brazilians

“Our farmers will be greatly helped,” Trump said at a White House press conference unveiling the plan. “We want to get them back to where they would have been.”

However, Perdue’s statement listed no restrictions on who’s eligible for aid, meaning foreign-owned companies like JBS USA can likely still bid on product bailout contracts, which account for $1.4 billion of the new subsidies.

JBS USA, the American subsidiary of Brazilian meatpacking giant JBS SA, has been under fire since the Daily News first reported that the administration awarded at least four such bailout contracts to the company worth more than $64 million. The money was sourced from Trump’s first $12 billion farm aid package.

Trump's Expensive Golf- I'm not a golfer so I don't care much if a public official decides to golf or not, with 2 exceptions. 1. If they say they're not going to be spending time golfing while criticizing another public official for doing so and 2. If they off golfing a significant part of the time and running up a big bill on the taxpayer dime. Remember how much Trump criticized Obama? Here's what Trump said in 2016 while campaigning. This is why, even there are those that say, Hey, Let A Man Take a Vacay Almost Every Weekend  can be discounted. 

"I love golf, but if I were in the White House, I don't think I'd ever see Turnberry again. I don't think I'd ever see Doral again," he said at a rally in 2016, referring to his golf courses in Scotland and Miami.

He added: "I don't ever think I'd see anything. I just want to stay in the White House and work my a-- off."

 How much has he spent? And this is just so far

Using some figures from the Government Accountability Office, HuffPost estimated the cost of trips Trump took to golf courses in Florida, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Scotland since taking office in 2017.

HuffPost found that Trump's two dozen trips to Florida cost taxpayers $81 million, his 15 trips to New Jersey cost $17 million, his one LA trip cost $1 million, and his Scotland trip cost $3 million.

That $102 million figure is 255 times the presidential salary that Trump declined to take, HuffPost said.

New York lawmakers pass bill aimed at weakening Trump's pardon power 

New York state lawmakers passed a measure Tuesday that would allow prosecutors to pursue state charges against certain individuals even if they have received a presidential pardon, a move seen as a direct shot at President Donald Trump.

New York's state Assembly passed the measure — which creates a narrow exception in the state's double-jeopardy law — by a 90-52 vote. New York law currently prohibits the state from prosecuting a person who has already been tried for the same crime by the federal government. The bill would make it easier for prosecutors in certain circumstances to pursue a case against someone who has received a presidential pardon for the federal conviction.

The exception would allow state prosecutors to open or advance investigations into any pardoned individual who served in a president's administration, worked directly or indirectly to advance their campaign or transition, or worked at a non-profit or business controlled by the president and whose alleged criminal activity took place in New York state. The exception also allows for investigations to be opened or continued into anyone who was pardoned for the president's benefit.

PODCAST- The Governent's Bar Tab at Mar-A-Lago

Trump throwing a tantrum over claims he threw a tantrum on infrastructure. Since he, Petty As Always, said he won't work with the Democrats unless they stop investigating him, he OWNS THE INFRASTRUCTURE ISSUE. Not that this helps all of us, who want someone responsible to fix our crumbling infrastructure.  

Disgusting. Trump is considering pardoning military who have been CONVICTED of WAR CRIMES. Seems of a pattern with him pardoning other criminals but in this case, completely destroys the idea of there being any type of accountability and honor in the military. 

Senior military officers rebel against Trump plan to pardon troops accused of war crimes

“Absent evidence of innocence or injustice, the wholesale pardon of U.S. service members accused of war crimes signals our troops and allies that we don’t take the law of armed conflict seriously,” retired Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in a tweet Tuesday. He added: “Bad message. Bad precedent. Abdication of moral responsibility. Risk to us.”

Putin out-prepared Trump in key meeting, Rex Tillerson told House panel

Podcast: What we've learned from Trump's tax transcripts


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