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Really? This is okay with Diane Carr of Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas ?????

16 May 2019 at 11:28:43 AM

Okay for Somervell County Hospital District dba Glen Rose Medical Center to operate for-profit clinics outside the boundaries of Somervell County? I can only assume that Ms Carr is not familiar with hospital district law nor with the fact that since Somervell County Hospital District  is tax exempt but also is a taxing entity, as well as a public hospital and has its definition, according to both Chapter 286 of the Texas Health and Safety Code as well as a Texas Constitution, that it only can operate within its own boundaries, ie, county line territory. 

According to the video below from the April 2019 meeting of the Somervell County Hospital District, Ray Reynolds and some others had a call with Ms Carr and she apparently said that as long as they weren't operating in Houston that was okay. But at least two of the clinics that Somervell County Hospital District is contracting with have their own hospital districts and two hospital districts cannot operate in the same territory. And for the ones outside the district, such as in Johnson County, seems like not only can they not do it because of the aforesaid law, but if they wanted to, they would be doing it in order to increase the size of the hospital district, would have to have permission in some fashion from Johnson County residents and then change the legal definition of Somervell County Hospital District. 

Glen Rose Medical Center seems to want to operate, not as a hospital district, but as a for-profit hospital that has the right to open clinics wherever the heck they want. And certainly as long as there are no other laws that apply, a for-profit hospital can do that. But Glen Rose Medical Center is not a for-profit hospital. They made the decision to fund FOR SOMERVELL COUNTY RESIDENTS, a district which is paid for by us and there to SERVE US. (Some of the clinics Somervell County Hospital District wants to operate are in Allen, Frisco and McKinney, for gosh sakes, so by no stretch of the imagination could it be said that those clinics serve a public purpose and are there for the convenience of Glen Rose residents. Plus, Ray Reynolds and Dr Vasik, who is an employee of the hospital district, have both said they consider the clinics to be outside revenue sources. 

Let me be clear. Seems to me what Somervell County Hospital District dba Glen Rose Medical Center is doing it highly illegal and it will take only one Texas Attorney General opinion or a civil lawsuit to expose it, and especially since the negligent Somervell County Hospital District board is not doing due diligence. If I'm wrong, I'm willing to say so upon the basis of an AG opinion which the board could easily require in order to make sure they are on the right side of the law. But certainly an insurance company should do better than to enable a hospital to wrongly use taxpayer money outside the district. 

So, my question again about Diane Carr, who is apparently a manager of networking services at Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas. She's really finds no problem with this arrangement? 



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