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Danny Chambers Puts Up Sign Trusting Mohammed? (Somervell County Commissioners Court)

13 May 2019 at 6:04:24 PM

Saw that Somervell County Commissioners Court has removed the secular sign in the commissioners courthouse with a sign that says, in part, "In God We Trust". I would bet that whoever painted that wanted to inject some good ole religion into the room. Problem is, "Whose god?". Do the people of Somervell County worship and believe in Mohammed? What about Zeus? Buddha? I guess they know people coming there worship all kinds of gods or no gods at all. The courts, of course, have said that this motto isn't religious at all, even though that seems pretty absurd to thinking people, so it's a meaningless phrase tied only to ceremonial use. Should really say "In gods some trust" or, better, nothing at all by being inclusive.

I say kudos to Danny for attempting to shed his image as an apparent  bigot, even though it doesn't go far enough.



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