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Democratic Candidates in the Upcoming 2020 Race

25 April 2019 at 11:12:07 AM

I am not seriously looking at any of the candidates at this point, waiting until I see them on the debate stage facing off with each other, as well as allowing time to read what their stances are, consider whether I agree or disagree, and if any seem to have the temperament I would like in a president.

Meantime,I'm also at a place where i"m pondering my previous angst in the 2016 election. I was strongly for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. Felt inspired, donated money, and agreed with most of his positions. I was not for Hillary Clinton, nor had I been when she ran against Barack Obama. In fact, I resented the efforts of Clinton supporters, including her to paint Sanders supporters as rude "Bernie Bros", when I knew females were part of that calculation. It wasn't and has never been that I don't want to see a woman as president, but I dang well didn't want Clinton. I also believed, as a computer professional, that she dropped the ball on her email and servers. Still do. Now, do I think Trump is far worse? Yes, but that doesn't excuse Clinton's failure to live up to security standards that she signed for. 

At some point, I read about a lawsuit that was filed against the Democratic Party (DNC) complaining about the unfairness of many primary tactics during 2016. The judge ruled that the DNC is a private party and can run their party as they wish. I had wrongly thought before that that Democrats would make sure to be fair to all comers, but that simply isn't the case. Frankly, it was demoralizing to read that. 

I despised Trump, considered him an immoral con artist blowhard, but mentally calculated that should he somehow get elected, because there are 3 coequal branches of government, Congress would keep him in check. What I didn't count on was that the Republicans in Congress, who were in power during the first 2 years of Trump's presidency, would utterly fail to do proper oversight and rein in Trump's lawless and unconstitutional excesses. Another blow to the idealistic idea that Americans are patriotic and honor the constitution first over party. 

I'm not going to list the litany of things liar Trump has done except to say that his assaults on the quality of life have been shocking, as well as the level of his bigotry and fear-mongering. All this to say that I definitely want to see corrupt Trump and his swamp out of office, so will be voting for a Democratic candidate. 

I also was disappointed when Bernie was in the primary that Elizabeth Warren didn't endorse him but Clinton. I bore a grudge against her for that the last two years. (As a side note, I also was highly angry that Planned Parenthood endorsed Clinton before the general, still feel that way and will never contribute to them again). However, I've softened on Warren now and really like that she puts forth specific plans. I'd like to like Bernie again but I feel burned by the DNC that they will again fight, despite his being in first place in polling at this point, to put their thumbs on the scale. 

I liked Beto when he ran against Ted Cruz but I don't want him as president. Nor do I want Joe Biden, Kristen Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, and there are so many others that I simply MUST see them debate each other multiple times. 

No matter what, I have never voted for a Republican and am not going to start now and especially not since they have become the party of unconstitutional bigots and facists. 


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