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When Local Government Possibly Violates the Texas Open Meetings Act # 3 (Somervell County)

4 February 2019 at 5:26:31 PM

In a Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting held June 25, 2018, there was an item about paying county bills. One of the commissioners, Krantz, brought up a potential bill that had not been voted upon, was not on the agenda and was not part of the county bills being submitted. TOMA violation, there should have been a line item to discuss "paving" or simply put it on the agenda without discussion for a future meeting. Why does this matter? Because every taxpaying citizen has the right to be informed about what will be discussed at a county meeting, in case he or she wants to attend. 

Following is part of the audio of the June 25 2018 meeting. Starts with the legitimate line item about county bills, and then veers off into something not on the agenda. 





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