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Open Records/Open Meetings in Somervell County - 2018/2019

30 January 2019 at 12:10:32 PM

Suppose you want to watch or listen to a government meeting after the fact. For whatever reason, you cannot attend in person (perhaps you are working or ill). What is truly great is that, for the most part, our local government entities provide you a way to listen and keep informed on what decisions are being made. 

Below is a scorecard for 2019

Somervell County Water District - Agendas - Audio/Minutes and Check Registers. 

Somervell County Commissioner Court - Agendas  - Minutes (not sure, it's not obvious on the website) - Court Audio  Check Registers Budget transfers and county bills can be found on the agenda for a given date by going to that item, clicking on it where it says DOC***** and then looking at the signed motion and budget transfers or county bills. 

City of Glen Rose Town Council (the website at is about to be updated so the following links may not work after February 2019) Agendas  The regular meeting is audio recorded but not other meetings. 

Somervell County Hospital District- Agendas  - Meeting Minutes - Youtube Video  No check registers but you can get them through open records requests

Glen Rose ISD School District-Agendas and approved minutes - Audio


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