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What's *Fake News* to Trump? If the media says something negative

9 May 2018 at 12:13:58 PM

Well, guess what, Trumpo, doesn't make it fake just because it isn't all glowing and complimentary. NYMAG

In a tweet this morning, Trump casually opened a window into the source code for his method of identifying liberal media bias. Anything that’s negative is, by definition, fake:


We often consider Trump’s actions as president through the lens of what presidents do instead of the lens of what Trump does. A president wouldn’t simply wave away negative coverage as phony, contrived or dangerous to the country. Trump would. He’s made this clear since he launched his campaign, lashing out against news outlets that covered him critically, including barring them from his events. And he just made it explicitly clear.


So, following the line of thought: Those who write critical coverage of Trump are the enemy. That’s the qualification.

Bear in mind, negative coverage doesn’t mean incorrect coverage. Martin Shkreli gets a lot of negative coverage, in part because he actively fosters it and in part because he’s mostly in the news for doing things like being arrested or jacking up the prices of critical medications. Lots of negative coverage, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

...Presenting an honest portrait of elected leaders even — and especially — against their will is, of course, why the First Amendment to the Constitution cements the role of a free press.



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