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Judge denies Reynolds Motion for Summary Judgement

Turk v Somervell County Hospital District/Ray Reynolds Case Going to TRIAL in September 2018

30 April 2018 at 10:19:08 PM

What is this civil case about?  And this 

The last time I wrote about this case, Ray Reynolds, CEO of Glen Rose Medical Center, who is being sued along with Somervell County Hospital District, had brought a motion for summary judgement, which if accepted, would have brought an end to the case. US District Court Judge Pittman referred the summary judgement motion to Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Manske for a report and recommendations. That was done, you can read about it here, his report was submitted to the court and awaiting a decision by Judge Pittman. 

That decision came today. Judge Pittman accepted the recommendation of the report, which was to deny the summary judgement motion. Judge Pittman also issued an order setting the trial date to September. (September 10, 2018 in Waco, to be precise) This means that Reynolds and the Somervell County Hospital Distirct were not successful in ending the case against them, and that the Turks will get their day in court, with a jury trial. 



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