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A Few Other Interesting Bits from the Turk Filing of October 2017

26 October 2017 at 11:03:34 AM

in the Turk v Ray Reynolds and Somervell County Hospital District lawsuit. Keep in mind that the below are parts of a public filing, which can be seen by anyone via PACER and contain allegations, depositions, etc which have yet to be heard by a jury.  Yellow highlights are mine. 

Unqualified people put into positions of trust

Q. And what's your understanding of why your wife wrote down that page that Chip talked about Kelly Van Zandt in a bad light?

A. Because he had spoken of Kelly Van Zandt as not being qualified to hold the position that she had at the hospital and was therefore endangering patients.

That fact that Kelly Van Zandt, who was the Quality Director, did not even know what the acronym "ACLS" meant. 

The fact that Quality Director Kelly Van Zandt was coming to the medication room and counting drugs under circumstances where she had no medical license that authorized her to touch the drugs

2. When told about this, Mr Harrison personally went to GRMC and observed Ms Van Zandt counting drugs. 

Q. And what do you believe Chip Harrison lied about in terms of knowledge of patients that have died at the hospital?

A. Well, he knows about the situation that Ray had created at that hospital, where he was putting people in positions that had no qualifications to be in those positions and despite me going to him multiple times and telling him that we needed better nursing leadership on the med/surg floor; that the nurses were being put in positions where they had not had the training to handle critical situaitons, including codes; that there was evidence that there was falsification of medical records; there was evidence of quote/unquote losing medical records; that there was no evidence that there was any attempt to investigate or make corrections, which led to several patients dying in that hospital that should not have. ... I told Ray "This man died because you did not make the changes needed"

... I learned that the Quality Director Kelly Van Zandt is not a nurse, doctor, or any other kind of licensed healthcare professional. Yet she has been given the special responsibility of judging medical quality issues and making public statements about the quality of the Glen Rose Medical Center in multiple venues... Based upon my personal observations of her, she does not have the requisite skill, training, or experience to hold that job or exercise those responsibilities.


Everybody at a lunch. Ladonna Green, from HR, in the ER 

Michael Honea proceeded to tell me there was one patient on the floor. We had one patient in the hospital. There were three nurses on the floor for that one patient and the ER director-I mean, the med-surge director, the OR director and a complete OR staff and not one nurse out of any of them showed up to help. And then Michael Honea proceeded to tell me that they were having a lunch get together and training. I'm like: Wait a minute, so there were more nurses there than that and we called for code trauma overhead and not one of them responded. ... 


Keep what's going on at a PUBLIC HOSPITAL on the hush. 


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