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Turk Lawsuit v Ray Reynolds and Somervell County Hospital District -Update 10/25/2017

25 October 2017 at 3:52:24 PM

What is this case about? -From October 4, 2016

Docket sheets. 

I saw last month, via Pacer,  that Ray Reynolds had put in a Motion for Summary Judgment.  Basically, what Reynolds is saying is that 1. Dr Turk is not an employee of Somervell County Hospital District, but rather Glen Rose Healthcare Inc and 2. Even if Dr Turk is an employee of Somervell County Hospital District, his first amendment petition claims fail as a matter of law. Interesting here (p 7)

A lawsuit is a petition withihn the meaning of the First Amendment. .. Importantly, the text of the First Amendment does not "speak in terms of successful petitioning-it speaks simply of "the right of the people .. to petition the Government for a redress of grivances"... "While ... citizen *can associate and speak freely and petition openly.. the First Amendment does not impose any affirmative obligation on the government to listen, respond (to) that petition... Accordingly citizens *have no constitutional right as members of the public to a government audicne for their policy views". 

Albert Turk and Shelley Turk filed answers to the Motion earlier this month. That includes, in Albert  and Shelley Turk's documents an answer to the above. 

Additional references here and here Reynolds is requesting additional time till Nov 2 2017 to file an answer to Turk's answer.

I'm going to call out some interesting things in the answer, here, and also on some separate posts that I will link to here. Keep in mind that these are points that the Turk lawsuit is alleging, includes parts of depositions, the suit has not been heard in court by a jury yet. 

Why Did Ray Reynolds of Glen Rose Medical Center Keep Liz Morgan On After She was Convicted?

A Few other interesting bits from the Turk filing of October 2017

Ooops. Ray Reynolds not right when he says physician salaries not in hospital budget

Glen Rose Medical Center & 501a -More on Slush Fund (October 2017)

Camel Toes and Glen Rose Medical Center- October 2017












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