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Update on Turk vs Somervell County Hospital District and Ray Reynolds Lawsuit - 7/31/2017

31 July 2017 at 11:17:49 AM

So far as I can tell from PACER, the case is still scheduled to be heard on Dec 18 2017

Docket Sheet

The filings referenced had to do with who heard whom speak about *cameltoe*.

I'm putting something up here from document 83-1 because Mrs Turk's deposition references my website, Somervell County Salon, as well as me. PDF

p 78

Q. Okay. So let's talk about this meeting that you had in Ray's office with Ladonna Green and Ray Reynolds. During that meeting, did they tell you they were angry at you? 

A. Yes

Q. What specifically did they say with regard to they were angry with you?

A. I don't remember exact words. Ray said: You're causing a lot of problems. You're stirring up some stuff. Quit. There's another incident that's not here, that happened, like on the 28th. Because I was called to Ray's office and he actually stomped out at one oint and had to come back and apologize to me because he yelled at me. And that was concerning the emails and to stop talking to Chip Harrison and stop talking. So that happened and I was.. so it's not here. I don't know where - but there was another incident that- and he yelled at me, and then this happened. So this happened after the newspaper published some of my emails. This is what irritated Ray. So that's what this is coming from. 

Q. What newpaper are you talking about?

A. the media, the 

Q. You mean Ms. Harper's blog?

A. Salon.glenrose.net

Q. So after ... so there was some of your.. there was somthing posted to the blog as well?

A. So when.. when Chip Harrison asked us for documentation, we turned over whatever we turned over. I'm not sure how he got the letter from Jay. I mean, how that letter.. how that got in there. I don't remember. But a letter that Jay wrote to Ray and/or the medical staff, that was in the stuff that was given to Chip.

Q. Okay, so.. 

A. That was posted on the Salon, and then I got called to Ray's office.

Q. Okay, Just to make sure I'm traking, so there's the ... May 24,th, the ER's busy. You talked to Michael Honea..

A. Yes

Q. And then Chip Harrison, all on or around that date, May 24th, 2014, correct?

A. Yes, I think so

Q. And then there's a meeting you had with Ray Reynolds on May 28th, correct?

A. Around there. I'm not .. don't keep me to dates because I'm not quite sure.

Q. Sure. And I'll just say on or May 28th

A. Okay

Q. You had a meeting with Ray Reynolds, correct?

A. 28th or something

Q. And then the Salon blog posted a letter that Dr Turk had sent to the board also around that time. Is that right?

A. After the open records request.... whoever did it. I don't know who di it. This salon got some of my emails and the letter from Jay. So she posted that.. or yes, whoever post ed it. 

Q. And did you ask H Harper to post some of your emails or the ltter from Dr Turk?

A. I did not know w Harper at that time. I met W Harper after. 

Q. So, no you did not ask her to do that?

A. I did not ask her to do that.

Q. Were you aware that she had posted some of your emails and Dr Turk's letter to the board?

A. I was informed by Ladonna Green and Michael Honea. I can't remember if it was that time or the next time she posted something Chip Harrison actually called me. I was made aware of it. 

Q. Okay, when did Ladonna Green and Michael Honea make you aware that some of your emails had been posted on the Salon blog?

A. On or around May 28th, after it was.. I was yelled at, and after I was told to stop emailing because now they have to turn it over and stop fighting for patients. 

Q. And what did Ladonna Green and Michael Honea tell you on or around May 28th about your emails?

A. To stop it, that you're causing problems and that the hospital board is not good, that I'm causing more harm. And I said, I'm taking care of my patients to the best of my ability and I've tried internal measures. It's not working. Y'all aren't getting anything done so now I have to go your boss, because that's the chain of command. 

Q. I just want to make sure I"m following you, so let's start with Ladonna Green. So where did you talk to Ladonna Green about your emails being on the Salon

A. She said, . I'm sorry I interrupted you

Q. Go ahead

A. Michael Honea and her came to me. 

Q. On or around May 28, 2014?

A. I.. no, I don't think so.


Q Okay,. Tell me how it happened that your employment was ended.

A. Donna Miller called me into her office and Ladonna Green and her were in there. They asked me right off the bat if I was aware of a post that was on the blog, that was a time line of events that I had sent my lawyer. And they said, Did you know that was on there? And I said, Yes, I did. And Donna Miller and Ladonna Green said that that's damaging the hospital's reputation, that I need to call and have that remove(SIC). And I said, No ma'am I will not call and have that removed. And they again, expressed how damaging that was to the hospital. And I told them the hospital had done the damage themselves. That wasn't damaging them. What they did was damaging them. And then she said that.. that's when she said that she had heard that I called Kelly Van Zandt a camel toe. And I said, thtat' not,, I did not do that. 


The day they fired me, she asked me to remove... have their stuff removed off the blog. And I said no, I will not have that stuff removed off the blog. I am not calling her and telling her that she has to remove something off her blog. I don't know her. I'm not calling. That's her right. This is a public hospital. She can have it there. And then they proceeded to tell me how damaging that was to the hospital. And I said, I understand what you're saying but the hospital did this to themselves. That paper is not doing it. You damaged. Those are 1 documents. All those documents she published did happen so.. hold on. Then she proceeded to say Well, there's why I called you in here. We are firing you because you called Kelly Van Zandt a camel toe and an idiot two days ago. Did you do that? I said, No I did not do that. I have not called her a camel toe. I have not referenced her in that description as a camel toe since I was reported to the Board of Nursing. I stopped. I've been very professional trying to be calm. And they said. So what did you say? We have a couple of witnesses. I was like, Well, they're misinformed, or they're looking for something because that's not what I said. And that's when I told them about Susan Price, that that's what happened. And they said, We agree. She's an idiot. And then Ladonna Green said, Yes, she's a problem. 

Q. So that happened in the termination meeting?

A. That's right. 


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