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FINALLY the video from Somervell County Hospital District meeting posted (July 2017)

19 July 2017 at 7:32:23 AM

How long would you want to wait to hear or see a government meeting after the fact? If you said "two days before the next likely meeting, about a month later", you would be CORRECT. Looks like someone very haphazardly thought "Oops, I need to go put this up since it's been almost a month". If you, as a citizen attempting to know what happened with YOUR tax money wanted to find out pretty quick after a meeting, you'd be out of luck unless, whimsically, the video appeared almost a month later.It is now June 21, 2017. The video was posted.. YESTERDAY.. on June 20, 2017. 

Certainly Ron Hankins, who hypocritically whined about this in the past, but doesn't seem to be concerned as long as he is board president, has made it a point to ask for video to be posted within a few days after a meeting. Really makes one wonder about his competency. 

(Incidentally, I notice that the newly elected board decided to keep this clown as president, NO ONE else was more competent??? NO ONE???? 

Agenda for 5/25/2017

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Part 2
Part 3




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