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Yet ANOTHER Court Ruling against Texas Lege Gerrymandering and Bigotry (April 2017)

19 July 2017 at 6:58:58 AM

On April 20, 2017, yet a THIRD court has ruled that Texas and Greg Abbott intentionally discriminated against blacks and hispanics in Texas. 

Texas Tribune- Court: Texas House map intentionally diluted minority votes

Texas lawmakers intentionally diluted the political clout of minority voters in drawing the state's House districts, a panel of federal judges ruled Thursday.

In a long-awaited ruling, the San Antonio-based panel found that lawmakers in 2011 either violated the U.S. Constitution or the Voting Rights Act by intentionally diluting the strength of minority voters statewide and specifically in a litany of House districts across Texas. Those districts encompass areas including El Paso, Bexar, Nueces, Harris, Dallas and Bell counties. 

“The impact of the plan was certainly to reduce minority voting opportunity statewide, resulting in even less proportional representation for minority voters,” U.S. District Judges Orlando Garcia and Xavier Rodriguez wrote in a majority opinion, adding that map-drawers’ discussions “demonstrated a hostility” toward creating minority-controlled districts despite their massive population growth.

Comparing the 2011 and 2013 Texas State House plans

Today’s ruling by the three-judge panel in the Texas redistricting case finding constitutional and Voting Rights Act problems in the 2011 state house plan is similar to panel’s earlier ruling on the 2011 congressional map. In both cases, the map the court ruled on had been superseded by a court-drawn interim plan later adopted by Texas on a permanent basis in 2013 - with a few additional tweaks in the case of the state house plan.  But as with the congressional plan, many of the defects the court found in the 2011 plan still exist in the 2013 plan.

WHO was the attorney in charge of telling the Texas House this was okay? Greg Abbott

The state has stacked up a run of losses that could throw it back under federal supervision — forcing the great state of Texas to tuck tail and ask the federal government for permission for every change it makes to its voting and election laws. This state and many others used to discriminate habitually and creatively — so much so that federal law included Texas in the list of states that couldn't be trusted to take care of their own citizens with fair laws and fair districts that would have allowed them to take part in the great democratic franchise, to choose the people who represent them.

The state’s lawyer wasn’t solely or even primarily to blame. Lawmakers drew the maps and took the votes. But they also decided to ignore what other states had done, passing laws that were blessed at the end of hotly contested litigation by courts that were frankly looking for ways to give longer leashes to historically wayward states. Their lawyer and his team told them to go for it, even after election law aficionados warned that the state could be subject to challenges that its laws were more likely to shut out Texans of color from taking part in their democracy. Even after those aficionados said that adding just a few more forms of identification could save Texas a world of legal trouble.

The lawyer told them they could draw maps for congressional and legislative districts that shut out Texans of color — not because they were Texans of color but because they were likely to vote for Democrats. That it was legal to maximize Republican voting strength even if that meant minimizing minority voting strength because it wasn’t being done on the basis of race but on the basis of party. That discrimination on the basis of politics isn't illegal. It's politics.

How about Texas Legislature just QUIT discriminating????? And quit listening to Greg Abbott, who is a bigot.


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