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So the Texas Democratic Party is Going to Cleburne This weekend

23 March 2017 at 1:34:25 PM

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go too. I have something else I have to do on Friday or I sure would, but only in order to give the Texas Democratic party a piece of my mind. Can't do it so will do it here

I voted for Bernie Sanders, I am a WOMAN, not a *Bernie Bro*, did not want Hillary Clinton (and if you run her again for any reason, you will again lose my dang vote), I resent the shenanigans that happened to Sanders, don't believe I am going to hell if I don't vote for a woman if it's Clinton, don't think everyone that voted for Trump is *deplorable* (and frankly, I don't get why the Dems felt they had to stoop so low as to name-call others). I didn't vote for Trump, incidentally, but I also felt the fear-mongering about him was Republican A-Game. If I wanted to vote for cruel people who are for the rich, I'd vote for the slugs who are all fired to take away people's health insurance now. 

What I WANT is single-payer insurance. If we can go jack up the military budget or build a huge ridiculous xenophobic wall, surely we can care enough about PEOPLE to have eveyrone insured. And yet the Democratic party runs away from that. Make it part of your PROMINENT TALKING POINTS as a value and maybe I will respect you enough to want to vote for you. And what happened to standing up against Wall Street? Seems like everyone has forgotten what happened when deregulations occurred to screw over the little guy, why don't you talk often and LOUD about THAT? My problem with you is that I believe you are also in the pockets of big money and don't want to offend your donors. 

How is it that Bernie Sanders is still enormously popular? Because he is for ME and he has a clearly articulated platform and ideas. 

The national Democratic Party -- most of them, anyway -- doesn't understand. They don't see how the dumpster fire that is the Trump presidency gives them the chance of a lifetime to sell real alternatives for the middle class like single-payer health care or a massive infrastructure jobs program that could boost wages. They can't even get it together to fight the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch, who doesn't even try to hide his judicial contempt for the little people who live in places like West Virginia or Mississippi. Sanders is America's most popular politician because he stands for something. The Democratic Party -- afraid that truly connecting with the party's base will alienate its millionaire donor class -- stands for nothing.

So, Gilberto Hinojosa, I can't stand Republicans but I also am not in favor of the weak tea that Democrats want to be. How about you all STAND UP for something, fight back, and show people you care about them? Then maybey ou will can reverse why so many people have left the Democratic party and no longer believe you can fix things.  


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