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Annual Reminder that Hood County residents pay NO HOSPITAL DISTRICT TAX (2017)

10 March 2017 at 3:15:50 PM

but YOU, Somervell County residents, have part of your mandatory Somervell County Hospital District tax going for, not a public clinic, but private Pecan Family Medical Clinic in a gated golfing community. Is it that Somervell County Hospital District has done due diligence to legally check with the Texas Attorney General that is okay to operate in someone else's hospital district? Nope. Is it that Somervell County Hospital District has worked to find out if a non-public clinic in a different hospital district is okay since 2 hospital districts are not supposed to overlap territories? Nope. Has Somervell County Hospital District reached out to do an intergovernmental agreement to get permission from Hood County Hospital District  to operate in Pecan Plantation? Nope.

I called up the Hood County appraisal district today to verify that, for this last tax bill for them, the residents of Hood County are still paying zero taxes. Yup. 

Remember this when you have been paying your taxes, that you are paying your Somervell County taxes into a private golfing community that has its own hospital district for which is pays ZERO taxes.

Maybe you should at least ask them for a cigarette or a nice dinner after.



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