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What Somervell County Hospital District Taxpayers Pay for Doctor Salaries (2017)

3 March 2017 at 6:19:29 PM

Salary List of doctors for Somervell County Hospital District, Glen Rose, Texas (Glen Rose Medical Center), from open records request 

Ray Reynolds

Somervell County Hospital District

I am requesting an inspection, in person, of each and all yearly salaries/wages for all employees of Glen Rose Healthcare Inc. I would like the name of the person, his or her title and the yearly salary amount (not the per hour wage) that was actually paid, including overtime, and other salary details, including deductions. Please let me know when I may come in to inspect the records that show this information, at a mutually convenient date and time. 

Some background posts. Somervell County taxpayers pay for the salaries of the doctors, included in the budget that is passed annually. We also pay for insurance for the doctors, who are employees of the district.

Glen Rose Medical Center Salaries -2/7/2017 (Somervell County Texas)

A couple of hilarious things Dr Steven Vacek Said Re: Being Lumped in with other employees

 501a Shell Game at Glen Rose Medical Center -Doctor Salaries (Sep 2016)

Some Doctor Contracts from Glen Rose Medical Center (2016)

Video- Doctors Salaries in Budget- Glen Rose Medical Center (2015)





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