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Who gets called in case of major disaster re: Luminant/Comanche Peak? State of Texas

10 February 2017 at 5:44:07 PM

from the Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting of Jan 19, 2017. 

AUDIO: Rough Transcript

Chambers: Alright, Patrick, if you want to come up to the microphone. ... Item # 7, discuss take action on Luminant flex agreement Somervell County. It was in the packet. It also just talks about services we'll provide. A lot of this came after Fukishima, that's correct?

Patrick: Yes, that's correct.  And it's really intended for a large regional accident that would easily exceed the capabilities of both counties, Hood and Somervell counties. So we have a similar agreement with Hood County currently. And essentially it just says that the county will order from the state resources to help get personnel to site or get equipment to site in the event we had a really large incident, like we had a large tornado that knocked out transportation venues to the plant, so heavy lift helicopters or dozers or that type of thing, clear debris on the road. And if the county didn't have 'em, which I don't think y'all have a heavy lift helicopter, then you'd order it from the state. And that has to come from a county jurisdiction, the plant can't order it. That's why we're asking for your help on that. 

Chambers: Any question about the flex plan? Patrick, you've been very thorough with it. 

Curtis: No, i"m quite familiar with it (Chambers: bet you are) and Dwayne has worked with us on coordinating with those agencies... I'd like to make a motion....

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