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Somervell County Salon 2016 Year in Review

13 December 2016 at 11:12:38 AM

A look back from some posts on Somervell County Salon in 2016. This is local news only, not all the political posts about Bernie Sanders, Trump or Clinton.


Zebra loose in Hood County

Turk Lawsuit continued- slated for a jury trial in 2017 "Albert J Turk MD and Shelley Turk, RN, Plaintiffs vs Ray Reynolds and Somervell County Hospital Distirct (Glen Rose Medical Center)

Open Carry discussed at both Somervell County Commissioners Court and City of Glen Rose Town Council meeting

City of Glen Rose v Ernest and Shirley Reinke case was still going on (This was about Inn on the River's right to sell their property to a rehab center)

Safety Concerns at Oakdale Park

Some doctor contracts from Glen Rose Medical Center

Elizabeth Morgan arrested for DWI, jailed. Still was at that time Director of Patient Records, as well as HPPA privacy officer at Glen Rose Medical Center despite the over 50,000 embezzlement plea deal where she stole money from Cottonwood Baptist Church 


Ron Hankins pushed to spend money for a loan for Pecan Family Medical Clinic, which is located in a private gated community in a different hospital district in which the residents pay no taxes.

Fancy Dinner for Glen Rose Healthcare Inc but Glen Rose Medical Center couldn't make their bond payment? 

Liz Morgan suspended indefinitely from Glen Rose Medical Center

Somervell County Hosital District tried for another loan to make the bond payment (14.4 million indebtedness)

Reinkes win appeal in City of Glen Rose's appeal against them in City of Glen Rose v Reinke

Rick Perry wins appeal in Texas Criminal Court of Appeal

New head football coach paid more than any teacher at GRISD

What happened with Somervell County Considering making a bond payment laon for Glen Rose Medical Center?


Which Somervell County entity responsible for 14.4 million dollar debt?

Should Govt officials delete email dealing with public business or financial matters? 

Ridiculous Credulous article about Carl Baugh's unscientific hyperbaric chamber

Is Questioning, Getting Records and participating in government the WRONG thing to do?

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