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Protesters vs Police-How Much Respect? Protesters are not *thugs*

25 November 2016 at 7:36:05 AM

Saw something the other day regarding Austin  people who were protesting Donald Trump's win. There was apparently one man who allegedly asaulted one of the other protestors. When the cops attempted to arrest him, he resisted arrest and was brought down. What alarmed me were comments about this incident, that the protesters were thugs, and that the police should have brought out weapons. I believe the police, in an emotion charged legal protest, did the right thing by arresting the one who broke the law (if 1) and not tasering anyone who was on the side yelling. A few of the comments called, not merely the protester who had broken the law by allegedly assaulting someone else, all of the protesters, generally, *thugs*. 

First, in this country, anyone gets to protest anything they want, regardless of whether anyone else agrees, wants to question motives, or wishes they would stay home and shut up. What a protester doesn't get to do is break the law, assault other people, be vandals, etc. But in the instance in Austin there wasn't any instance of vandalism or rioting, just one guy who was arrested for assault. I suspect that others surrounding the man getting brought down were shouting and angry and most probably didn't know what the situation was,. Therefore, to me, having a police force that recognizes this and uses all the other powers in their arsenal other than weapons, is essential to being a peace force for those who are exercising their freedoms. 

The question here is, are protesters required to show respect for police and, if not, is it appropriate for the police to bring out tasers or guns to subdue them? It isn't enough to say that maybe something *might* happen before it does, minority report style. And police, especially those that are working a protest, are generally attried in gear to protect them from needless injury. 

Considered that maybe the issue for those who would like to see the police bring out weapons to attack protesters is that they assume everyone should at all times act passively? If so, that doesn't seem both realistic as well as respectful of the constitution itself which allows for protests. 


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