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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 11/21/2016

20 November 2016 at 2:57:45 PM

Spending time doing other things than blogging for awhile. So many holiday season things to do, and also things around the house. Finally it's mid-November and I was able to trim all the oak trees-had to wait till now since otherwise they're susceptible to beetles. Also did some repair to the dog houses, including adding plastic doors made from car floor mats. That, along with the cover I made earlier this year, should keep them warm and dry and cozy. (Today they're inside enjoying snoozing even though the weather is absolutely gorgeous). Found instructions on how to remove the oven door, which involves me cutting a couple of pieces of coat hanger and then unscrewing some hinges-will do that tomorrow. Cleared off one of the large workbench tables in the garage, with some organization, so 1/3 of the job I want to have done before end of year is finished. Also cooking today-hub's company having a work feast so I'm making some caramel bars for him to take. I hope all readers are also having a wonderful time of year. 

I've been dropping back from Facebook for the most part for the past year again, except for Somervell County Salon on Facebook, where I occasionally repost articles from this blog, and my own account, which I don't post to very much. I LIKE it!

"I am finding Facebook to have a negative impact on my continuing to keep a positive feeling regarding some of the people I have known longest and cherish most," writes Garrity, who has worked in not-for-profit marketing and publishing since the 1970s.

Have said before that FB interactions seem very artificial to me, so I"m not a big fan. I may get off entirely starting in 2017. 


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