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Compliment where Kudos is due- Somervell County Commissioner Court and the budget (Sep 2016)

26 September 2016 at 7:04:31 PM

I think everyone who comes here to read knows exactly where I stand on any given issue, pro or con, and I don't hold back if I believe something isn't quite right. Likewise, when I believe something is right, and more than right, shows that diligent effort has been made in a very difficult situation, the people involved should get a shoutout and a big pat on the back. 

Somervell County Commissioners Court has been working very hard since at least April to pare down the budget. Due to less property tax money coming in at this time, it can't have been an easy job and I"m sure it led to a lot of angry and hurt feelings among those who were directly affected. Of course, we ALL, ALL Somervell County residents, are affected by these decisions. I don't know that I agree with every decision of how the money was spent or cut (so far) but I KNOW they spent a lot of time and effort working on it. Listen and watch Brian Watts talking about the budget today, which the court voted to approve.



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