Huh. So Glen Rose residents can go see midlevels, NOT THE DOCTOR, in Pecan Family Medical Clinic ? (Sep 2016) Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas

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Huh. So Glen Rose residents can go see midlevels, NOT THE DOCTOR, in Pecan Family Medical Clinic ? (Sep 2016)

25 September 2016 at 2:12:41 PM

This is so absurd. Here's the issue. Dr Bruce Carpenter only sees Pecan Plantation customers. (As I often remind, Pecan Plantation is in a different hospital district with defined territorial boundaries in which Hood County residents pay ZERO hospital district tax because Hood County has an agrement with 3rd party for profit hospital Lake Granbury Medical Center/CHS. But Somervell County residents DO pay our taxes for this clinic which is NOT a public clinic but behind a gate that is designed to keep people who do not live in Pecan Plantation OUT unless they have explicit permission to enter). He does have what is called mid-levels, which are some type of para professionals, not doctors, who can do certain things without having a doctor present. Dr Hutchinson, who the board voted to spend a lot of money fixing up a clinic for and was paid the most money of any doctor, is now leaving in the next month. Where will her patients go? 

Rough transcript
Reynolds Particularly his midlevels, he's agreed and they've agreed that they'll see Glen Rose patients particularly out of Dr Hutchinson's practice.. We've kind of reserved that for Pecan patients but he agreed his mid levels that they'll see Glen Rose patients that are coming out of Dr Hutchinson's practice that for whatever reason would rather go out there than see our providers here, number of Pecan patients, we'd like them to pick thos up. To answer, they will see more patients. 
The way I interpret this and maybe somebody needs to directly ASK Ray Reynolds is,if Dr Carpenter oNLY sees Pecan Plantation residents, why?????? (Have been told directly in the past by Dr Peters that Carpenter does not see Somervell County residents).  Why do Somervell County residents pay the salary of someone who will not see them. Yes, the midlevels are being told to see patients, but not from ALL doctors, only from Hutchinson's practice, and it isn't seeing the doctor now, is it?  Wondering also what Pecan Plantation folks think about this, getting MORE people sent over from Somervell County to come into their glorified secure golf community which is behind a gate. Why, it's almost like taking a step towards having a, gasp, public clinic in Pecan Plantation. 
From a practical standpoint, I wondered just how far it would be for Glen Rose people to actually drive out to Pecan Plantation clinic as opposed to, say, going to Lake Granbury Medical Center, or better, just seeing a dang doctor in Somervell County, of which there are a number. Here's a map. Let's see, certainly not convenient, is it? Dr Hutchinson's clinic is IN the hospital so it seems like the only people that might prefer seeing a midlevel in Pecan Plantation are those HOOD county residents who already live there. 

What might be another reason why Ray Reynolds would like Glen Rose people to drive way the heck out to the clinic instead of staying in town? For one thing, what ARE those revenues at Pecan? The physcial therapy unit revenues are down. Sure would help pump up the numbers to justify all the money SOMERVELL COUNTY TAXPAYERS put in to remodel the clinic in Pecan if residents would just get in their dang cars and drive 18 miles to Pecan to see a doctor in a different district. Ask yourself also why Ray Reynolds is not breaking out the revenues so that one could clearly see what they are versus being lumped in with more general revenues. 



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