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Video-Physical Therapy at Pecan Family Medical Clinic-Revenue not at expected levels

25 September 2016 at 1:25:52 PM

from Somervell County Hospital District budget meeting 9/20/2016

Let's really drill down in this for a moment, shall we?  Remember when Ron Hankins said "You gotta pay for it somehow" as a justification for spending money not only for an architect to draw up plans for an expansion in Pecan Family Medical Clinic in Hood County, but also for money, a loan, to pay to build it out? Recall that Somervell County Hospital District attempted to have an illegal meeting held in Hood County, which is NOT OUR HOSPITAL DISTRICT TERRITORY,  in October 2015  rather than in Somervell County in order to meet with John Anthony of Pecan Plantation. At the time, Somervell County Hospital District DID KNOW about what consequences a lawsuit from Luminant would have and yet decided to spend money anyway OUTSIDE OF OUR DISTRICT. 

Maybe you don't care that the hospital district board voted to spend money to fix up a physical therapy place in gated Pecan Plantation for the benefit of Pecan Plantation residents. Maybe you don't care that your taxes are going to be raised almost to the cap this year and that a part of that money will STILL be going for the benefit of residents in Hood County, which has its own hospital district for which those residents pay zero taxes. But you should pay attention when it turns out that the money they spent with YOUR tax money isn't producing the revenues they expected.



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