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WHY is Somervell County Hospital District STILL Operating in Hood County's Hospital District????? (Sep 2016)

2 September 2016 at 12:18:01 PM

Had some hopes that the new Somervell County Hospital District board might try to do the right thing and either get an intergovernmental agreement to operate Pecan Family Medical Center in different hospital district, Hood County, to make it legal, OR seek a Texas Attorney General opinion to find out if it is. Nope, not yet

To recap. 

Hood County has its own hospital district that has a contract with Lake Granbury Medical Center, which operates as a 3rd party for profit hospital and provides a clinic for the indigent. In return, Hood County residents pay NO TAXES for their hospital district. ZIP. However, Somervell County residents pay OUR tax money for operations inside Pecan Plantation, in Hood County, for Pecan Family Medical Center. The facility is leased to the tune of at least $6000 per month, and is behind a gate in which you have to have permission to come in and out (thus is not, if one wanted to argue that it serves the public in Hood County, is NOT a publicly accessible clinic). 

At a meeting on July 30, 2015, the board discussed taking action on an intergovernmental agreement with Hood County. This is a tacit acknowledgement that Somervell County SHOULD NOT BE operating inside Hood County's hospital district boundaries without permission, in the form of an intergovernmental agreement. Related to this, one of the board members at the time attempted to have the board go for an opinion from the Texas Attorney General to ensure the legality of operating in another district, in which the territories overlap. 

What happened when Paul Harper put in a motion to get an AG opinion? (Minutes from June 25, 2015) 

From the Somervell County Hospital District minutes of July 20, 2015

Note that Ron Hankins TABLED the motion, an then everybody except Paul Harper and Eugene Brode voted to go spend money (currently 6k a month) on leasing the space inside gated community Pecan Plantation.

I'ts surprising to me that Somervell County residents, and especially in lieu of rising taxes, doesn't INSIST that the board operate legally. Where are citizen ethics?????? 



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