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Transparency and Ethics In Local Somervell County Government? ???? (2016)

28 August 2016 at 8:25:19 AM

I believe that the more open and transparent government is, the more we can ensure that our elected officials are operating with good judgement, or at least with scrutiny, and it helps us all with voting decisions. When government decides that it's better to come to decisions behind the scenes, and the idea of discussing information before the public becomes a mere stopgap before a vote, it does a disservice to the voters. There are some things that have occurred in meetings under Judge Danny Chambers and the current commissioners court that I believe are not the right things to do. Here are my examples. Agree or disagree, feel free to add a comment on this.

Everyone staying at the dais AFTER the meeting comes to close. At the most recent meeting Ben Tinsley went to the dais to talk to Danny Chambers and every single one of the commissioners stayed up there. Since that constituted a quorum and was about public business, why didn't the commissioners immediately leave the dais OR Danny Chambers tell Tinsley to meet him in his office to further discuss?  (I am reminded when I did a fracking meeting some years ago and a quorum of commissioners showed up. Walter Maynard, who was then judge, LEFT so that there woudln't be a quorum). At a meeting a couple of weeks ago, Danny Chambers asked an elected official from another branch of local govt to come up after the meeting ended and ALL of the commissioners stayed up to listen. Why is this? Note that the county attorney in both cases was close by at a table and said nothing about possible TOMA violations.

Chambers asked the commissioners to come talk to him about what ought to be done about the expo, golf course, etc. Why isn't or shouldn't ALL of that discussion be done in open session? 

John Curtis brings up Luminant case. Why isn't the Commissioners Court having meetings about ANY litigation that will possibly impact taxpayers, especially during budget time? Example: State of Texas ex rel George Darrell Best v Paul R Harper


Of course, Andy Lucas, Somervell County attorney,  has prosecutorial discretion to decide what to pursue but here are a few things he did not. 

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