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Video-On Being a Team- from Somervell County Commissioners Court- August 2016

29 August 2016 at 7:41:41 AM

Rough transcript
Hulsey- Salaries can be set anyway
Kranz: But if you have a step in grade and they're interviewed and they refuse, it's time for them to move on
Chambers: You know, here again, I know it's super sarcastic and I'm prepared for the fight but I keep hearing that this is a group effort, we all need to be involved, we all need to participate, but so far, you know, I see department heads, employees, elected officials, except for this court, giving up. I don't really see us actually participating and giving up to help the matter 
Woods: We have been and we're still going ...
Chambers: What have we given up? 
Woods: WE did not take the 3 percent raise anybody got last year. Me and Larry have not had a raise since we come into office, we cut our seminar expense, cut our road expense back and that hurt the people that you prepare the roads for 
Chambers: That didn't affect you. That didn't affect our salaries. We're affecting people's salaries and what they're taking home to their families 
Hulsey That's what they're (admired?) for .. and if the bottom falls out, we won't be getting a salary either. 
Chambers: That's very 1. But you know, I came to you Larry and I said hey, I'm get over $4k travelling expense, yall get over 8 thousand, I'm willing to go one for one. I told you I was willing to do whatever y'all wanted to do, up to that 4080 dollars. 
Hulsey Okay, let's say we agree to give up some now, is the others going to give up 
Chambers: But we're taking it away from them. If we take their longevity and we take their step in grade and ask them to pay their insurance, they're giving up
Hulsey-if we can do some of these trimmings, maybe we won't have to get into insurance



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