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Goose Story O Day (July 2016)

27 July 2016 at 1:40:12 PM

Had a lot of geese hatch out this year. There are now two gangs of geese, one that has an assortment of different breeds that all hang together after working out their Who's In Charge differences, the other is a mom and dad goose with 8 goslings.

Two days ago I noticed that only 7 goslings came out of the duck house. I try to count heads when they all go in, but sometimes, due to there being so many, it's a little tough. I went looking in the pond and found the missing gosling looking like it was slowly dying. I waded out into the pond, with shoes stuck in the mud, and retrieved it. Not sure if it's male or female but it was not happy. I put it into the enclosed chicken area that has a roof to keep the sun off it, near a water dish, and watched to see if it would recover. I admit I didn't think it would, but the next day it had survived the night and was looking better. Still was not drinking or eating but by last evening, it was eagerly munching down chicken scratch. 

It can't walk, though. Since I didn't see what caused the injury, for example, did several geese get into a fight, I'm not sure if resting up for a few days will fix the problem, but it might. I had a male goose once whose leg was injured and it managed to start walking again normally after a few weeks. On the other hand, I had a goose that was crippled for several years that only recently gave up the ghost. 

I'm going to leave it in that area, monitor it and hopefully it will be back walking with the rest of its family. 


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