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DNC *WAS* Trying to Tank Bernie Sanders -The Hill

23 July 2016 at 3:57:01 PM

Gee. I thought the Democratic party allowed more than one candidate to run. Guess Sanders was messing with the DNC's game plan to foist HIllary Clinton on everybody. #WhyILeftTheDemocraticParty

The Sanders campaign had long claimed the DNC and Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz had tipped the scales in favor of Hillary Clintonduring the party’s presidential primary.
The email release will reignite that controversy just days before Democrats gather in Philadelphia for their convention to officially nominate Clinton for president.

A Growing Feeling of Political Homelessness (Atheist Revolution)

Not all of the left has embraced the sort of authoritarianism and pro-censorship attitudes we once decried when they came from the right, but far too much of the left has done so. Not all of the left has embraced GMO labeling or gone anti-vax; far too much of the left has done so. Not all of the left has embraced identity politics, but it has become increasingly difficult to find people on the left who have not done so to a disturbing degree. Plenty on the left have started looking critically at Wall Street, but far too much of the Democratic establishment appears to still be in bed with them. For these and many other reasons, the Democratic Party is no longer something I can recognize as a political home. That does not mean I am unable to support select Democratic candidates, but it does mean that I feel less and less connection to the party and would be more reluctant to vote down party lines without studying the candidates.


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