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Didn't Go to Texas Democratic Convention-Will NOT Vote for Hillary Clinton

17 June 2016 at 2:19:10 PM

No surprise to regular readers. 

I saw an interesting statistic today.  I have a heck of a lot in common with black voters.

 Clinton’s partisans have routinely concluded that their candidate has won some kind of democratic mandate from black Americans. While this is 1 in the trivial sense — she has won votes from a majority of those who actually voted — this framing overlooks the overwhelming majority of voting-age black Americans who either voted against Clinton or declined to vote at all. In fact, based on an analysis of exit pollsturnout numbers, and census data, an extraordinary 87.9 percent of voting-age black Americans have not voted for Clinton.

The reasons for this are well understood: very few people vote in the primaries. For one, they are structured in a way that reduces turnout. Black Americans also report that they have little faith in the primary process — a majority (53 percent) think that “the outcome of the primary would have been very different if the [Democratic National Committee] had been more even-handed” (28 percent weren’t sure), and only 29 percent believe that “the current system of presidential primaries and caucuses . . . has generally . . . produced the best candidates for president.”

A landslide majority of black Americans (82 percent) plan to vote for the Democratic Party candidate no matter who it is. They also report having little faith in the government in general: a majority (58 percent) say that “the government is pretty much run by a few big interests looking out for themselves” (21 percent weren’t sure); a majority (52 percent) say that “most of the time” special interests are “able to get what they want by contributing money to political campaigns” (22 percent didn’t have an opinion); and a majority (57 percent) believe that politicians “lie to get elected” (6 percent were unsure).

Moreover, Pew reports that only 41 percent of black Americans believe “that voting gives people some say in how government runs things and that ordinary citizens can do a lot to influence the government in Washington. 

Media promotes myths re: Hillary Clinton


Guccifer 2.0 leak shows the DNC was in the tank for Clinton and not fair.

Hillary Clinton didn’t win the Democratic primaries through democratic means. Rather, she stole the Democratic presidential nomination through systematic manipulation of the primary process. Over 400 super delegates pledged their support to Clinton before a single person cast a vote, the DNC is led by a Clinton surrogate, and mass consent for Clinton’s coronation was fed to the public through mainstream media outlets owned by wealthy Clinton donors.

The Democratic primaries exhibited a stark disregard for the values endemic to democracy, nearly solidifying an oligarchy in which corporations and wealthy donors use the government as a means to perpetuate their own agendas. These interests circumvented democracy to help Hillary Clinton out-raise Bernie Sanders by over $80 million from Super-PACs. These are the companies whooffshore thousands of American jobs, who pushed for a Wall Street bailout when their greed and recklessness delivered our country into the worst recession since the Great Depression, and who have destabilized foreign regions around the world through unnecessary military intervention. Hillary Clinton represents an extension of disastrous policies, and her coronation by Establishment Democrats ensures corruption and dirty politics will continue as the status quo for years to come.

I haven't decided whether to write in Bernie Sanders or vote for Jill Stein in the general, but it will definitely not be Trump or Clinton.

Sanders, as of today (6/17/2016) still has NOT endorsed Clinton. Bloomberg and others applying pressure. Or BRIBES  If he does endorse Clinton, he's not the man I thought he was. Fearmongering, as the Democrats are doing , about Trump in order to force votes for Clinton, are what Republicans do. 

From 2015 but there's even more reason to believe this now. Bernie Sanders supporter who cannot support HIllary Clinton.

DNC lying and trying to downplay the hack-included donor information

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