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Why Does Somervell County Put Commercial Site References on the County Website?

14 June 2016 at 11:17:59 AM

Have repeatedly asked about this over the course of several years.Seems to me that if Somervell County is going to be in the business of allowing commercial sites to put up links to their websites FROM the county government pages, then anyone with something to sell or advertise should be able to do that, including THIS site. (I am not selling anything but I do have some features of interest and in the course of fairness, if AlwaysNoah can put up a link to their site, so should I). I have asked MIke Ford, previous judge of Somervell County, with no response from him, and have asked current judge Danny Chambers. When I got no direct response from Chambers, I asked him directly at a recent meeting and followed up with an email with these screenshots, with no further response. I believe that Judge Chambers should put in writing what the policy is for local companies to be able to put up commercial sites and links on government pages. 

So let's look at this. On the "County Information" page there is a link to NOAH archive of Somervell County, along with other strictly governmental information.

Clicking the link takes you to another page with a link just to the AlwaysNoah page

Clicking this link to the external website takes you to the company page-note on the right hand side of hte page the SHOP button. While some of the visual content, including photos, etc is free for people, the free is mixed in with SHOP.

What is it that AlwaysNoah is selling?

Does this mean that any entity in town that has free content but is a commercial site can advertise for free on a county government page? Were the archive for the photos a completely severed connection with no tie to a sales site, might be different, but then the county needs to get a policy or procedure for how ALL citizens can advertise on county government pages. Otherwise, this smacks of partisanship if all cannot join in. 



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